About Us


A national private company who has business line of trading and industry, established in the 1997. In the beginning activity is trading of food ingredients and pharmaceuticals, and then since 2007 being developed to industrial activity intensively.

With experience more than 20 years established, Pachira well understand customer needs and wants of food ingredients and its application technically. This makes us competent in making a product which is suitable with customer preference with competitive price.

Be supported by professional staffs and some facilities which are consisted of laboratory of quality control, laboratory of research and product development, laboratory of product application, machinery workshop, small library with up to date literature, Pachira always open its gate to cooperate with supplier, business partner and customer with warm reception. May we can grow together today and for the future.

To optimize distribution, we have three branches and several agents and distributors in several regions.

Product Application

Pachira products  can be applied in various kind of industry, some of them:

  • Food and beverage industry, like soft drink, syrup, juice powder drink, and others,
  • Chili sauce, ketchup, soya sauce, seasoning industry, and others,
  • Processed meat product industry, like sausage, meatball, nugget, fried fishball, fried sausage, corned beef, and others,
  • Cracker, snack, various peanut industry, and others,
  • Fish product industry, like sardines, fish stick, fishball, takoyaki, and others,
  • Bread, cake, biscuits, jelly, jam industry, and others,
  • Alkaloid beverages industry like tea, coffee, chocolate, and others,
  • Tofu, soybean cake, soy milk industry, and others.


With various innovative applied technology which is efficient in production process system, we can result product having distinctive advantage, hence our customer can use it as ingredient that can create differentiation at finished product with raw material cost relatively economic. Ingredients which can make differentiation of finished product is very needed by customers as one  of some strategies to win market in competition. Benefit contribution of our product is very much in saving cost of raw material in customer products, hence its present gives competitive strong points in competition which is getting tight from time to time.

Quality Management

Pachira pay attention much on product quality with applying quality management system. For us, quality is one of some most important factors to fulfill customer satisfaction on food ingredients. Product safety and hygienic processes in production system are important aspect that we highly pay attention. 

We well understand customer needs on safety product and legal aspect for being used, hence we keep maintaining product legality by  registering them in BPOM and certifying halal in MUI.


We also keep our product from external factor that can spoil them. Therefore the character and shape of packaging we choose from material which comply to quality standard and food safety. Automatic packaging machine we occupy in order to be as less as possible contacting with human body to avoid from contamination. By this good packaging method, being expected quality of our product can be assured during distribution and storage. 

Head Office :

Kota Harapan Indah
Sentra Niaga 5 Kav. 10 No. 1
Jl. Harapan Indah Boulevar, Tarumajaya
Bekasi 17214, Indonesia.
Tel : 021-88894449
Fax : 021-88889645
Email : marketing@ptpachira.com
WA : +6281510501910

Factory :

Jl. KH.EZ Muttaqien No. 95-96
Kelurahan Gembor, Kecamatan Periuk, Kota Tangerang
Banten 15133, Indonesia
Email: factory@ptpachira.com